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Built Like A Tank

I bought the 5 x 9 Maple Wood LS OK Schooner 2 years ago. It tows like a dream behind my Jeep and turns heads everywhere I go. But that’s not why I bought it. I bought it because it is built like a tank. And I love the galley. It is a true outdoor chef’s kitchen. And I would know, because I’m a Chef.

LS Series
Chef Scotty L.
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Their Attention to Detail is Phenomenal

Their construction is spot on! It is so nice to have found a company that pays such close attention to detail and their craftsmanship. I really love what they do.
And their attention to detail is phenomenal. The guy that owns the place, John, will build to suit your needs. He will customize anything you want, so you will have your personal touch incorporated into the design. He is just the nicest guy!

Carolyn Harmon
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Exceeded Our Expectations

My wife, Katie and I fantasized about buying a tear drop for quite some time but we never convinced ourselves to go forward. When we saw OK Schooners on the internet, we knew they had to be in Oklahoma, the state where we live. We were surprised to find they were less than 5 miles from our home, so of course we had to drop by.

When we arrived, John had a completed trailer in the shop that we could see in person. It had everything we were looking for with even more features available as options. We placed our order within a week, customizing the finishes and color with John advising and helping us along the way.

When the trailer was completed, it exceeded our expectations. We are very pleased with our decision. We have now taken it on a couple of long road trips. It is easy to tow with our Subaru, is comfortable, fun and gets a lot of attention on the road. It is also worth noting that once you have taken title, John does not forget you. He is happy to see your trailer come back in for tweaks and improvements.

If you are thinking about getting a tear drop, go talk to John at OK Schooners. It is the right place!

CS Series
Chuck and Katie Pernu
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